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Affordable data visualization for the rest of us

Want to see your data visualized in a simple way, without having to pay lots of money for complex and bloated enterprise software? Try Ocular.

50+ Charts created

20+ Datasets imported

Different chart types and options Line, Column, Bar, Area, Pie, Donut or Gauge

Data visualization made simple

Using Ocular is as simple as it gets. There are enough complex solutions out there that seem to require a PhD, so we've built our software with the intend to be as simple as possible. Not everybody needs complicated enterprise solutions.

Add a dataset

Upload or connect a dataset, or use our API to continuously update your datasets and charts.

Create a chart

Create different kinds of charts by using metrics supplied by your datasets. Easy-peasy.


Create multiple datasets and combine them into different charts. Nothing fancy or complicated.

Currently in private beta

We're not quite ready yet

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